Careers built on skill + tech.

You can make a great living — and rewarding life — by using your mind and your hands.

The skill you pick up through classes, apprenticeships and real-life experiences. The tech makes the work easier and more precise — adding computerization, software, even robotics.

We offer FIVE industries … and FIVE skilled trades in each. They represent jobs in Georgia that pay well … in areas that are growing.

They’re interesting careers, and they need people like you … right now. The trades give you freedom and choice to build a good life.

The work you do in the trades leaves a mark on the world: What you build and repair is seen and felt by other people.

The skills you gain are yours for a lifetime. No one can ever take them away.

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Making stuff has never been more fun. Skilled jobs are everywhere in manufacturing, from the machine shop to the factory floor! Modern manufacturing is incredibly high-tech. Nowadays, robots do most of the boring parts. So the people working on the factory floor need to be smart and creative, tech-savvy and super-skilled.

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